IUCN Red List of Ecosystems

The IUCN Red List of Ecosystems (RLE) Categories and Criteria is designed to support conservation and resource management by identifying those ecosystems most at risk of biodiversity loss (Keith et al. 2013). Researchers at Deakin and their collaborators are working on further development and testing of RLE indicators and methods.


Emily Nicholson, Jess Rowland, Calvin Lee, Kate Watermeyer, Chloe Sato


David Keith, Nick Murray, Richard Kingsford(UNSW), Tracey Regan (ARI and University of Melbourne), Mark Burgman (Imperial College London), Rebecca Lester (Deakin), Jon Paul Rodriguez (IUCN), Irene Zagar (Provita), Carlos Zambrana (Ecohealth Alliance) and Rebecca Miller (IUCN) – see more below.

About our research:

Members of the Conservation Science Lab, led by Dr Emily Nicholson, have been involved in the development of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems, a tool that provides a pexels-photo-884547.jpegstructured and quantitative approach to evaluating the risk of ecosystem collapse. It has been designed to synthesise and integrate disparate data to achieve an objective, spatially explicit, and easily communicated assessment.  The theoretical framework underpinning the criteria for  the IUCN Red list of Ecosystems is described in this paper (Keith et al. 2013). These guidelines for assessing ecosystem risk were officially adopted by the IUCN in May 2014, to complement the Red List of Threatened Species and provide a comprehensive assessment of global biodiversity.

How it works:  Ecosystems are assessed against scientific criteria to estimate the risk of ecosystem collapse, and assigned to threatened (Critically Endangered, Endangered and Vulnerable) or non-threatened categories (Near Threatened, Least Concern). Ecosystems that are profoundly degraded or transformed are assigned to Collapsed. The assessment criteria relate to changes in ecosystem distribution (criteria A & B) and function (criteria C, D & E). Changes in Red List status over time reflect ongoing degradation or recovery, and provide for a means to monitor the effectiveness of management, conservation, and restoration actions. Repeat assessments can measure progress towards goals, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity Aichi Targets and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Aerial view of the Aral sea before and after collapse 

 Projects include:

  • Impacts of the Red List of Ecosystems on conservation policy and practice
  • Indicators for measuring ecosystem change and risk at local and global scales, by Jess Rowland
  • Development of an R Programming Package “redlistr” to support calculation of consistent spatial metrics for RLE assessments by Calvin Lee

Key Publications (also see here):

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