ICCB 2017 Symposium: New Tools for Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment.

We recently attended the 2017 International Congress for Conservation Biology in Cartagena, Colombia.

While there, we participated in a symposium titled “New tools for ecosystem monitoring and assessment“.

Symposium abstract

Developing ecosystem indicators to assess progress towards the Aichi 2020 Targets remains a challenge, as ecosystems are complex in nature and can be data-intensive to monitor. Integrating long-term field studies and remotely-sensed data, together with a conceptual understanding of ecosystem processes and drivers of change, can provide a powerful basis for quantifying ecosystem change. Our symposium focused on the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems as a new tool for tracking the state of ecosystems. By showcasing case studies from a wide range of ecosystems globally – from the Meso-American Reef to Chilean forests— the symposium addressed theoretical and applied questions in ecosystem assessment. We presented the need for consistent ecosystem classifications (David Keith), a strong understanding of ecosystem processes (Eren Turak), wise selection of indicators (Jess Rowland), creative use of data sources (Alberto Alaniz), and ecosystem modelling under global change (Lucie Bland). These advances promise an evidence-based monitoring process for ecosystems that will further enhance our ability to assess progress towards international targets and support ecosystem conservation.

Please contact Jess at jrowlan@deakin.edu.au if you have any enquiries about the symposium.

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