redlistr: an R package for easier conservation status assessments.

Calvin Lee

Our new paper describing redlistrhas been published!redlistr is an R package that aims to help users apply the guidelines provided by the IUCN consistently, ensuring the reliability of the assessment results. It is aimed towards researchers and conservation practitioners in NGOs and governments with a diverse levels of experience when it comes to risk assessments and programming.

Redlistrhas several functionalities, including helping users calculate spatial metrics required for red listing. Using spatial data, such as shapefiles or rasters, Redlistrcan help users calculate the Area of Occupancy (AOO) and the Extent of Occurrence (EOO) of a species’ or ecosystem’s distribution with confidence. It also calculates rates of change of species population or ecosystem area using equations recommended within both Red List guidelines. These values can subsequently be used to estimate area or populations in the past or future. Using redlistrallows users to set up a clearly…

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