Tiwi Islands

Tiwi wetland, Photo: Bill La MarcaPeople: Emily Nicholson, Hayley Geyle, Bill La Marca, Euan Ritchie

Collaborators: the Tiwi Land Council, Kate Hadden (Tiwi Land Council), Brett Murphy (University of Melbourne/CDU), Hugh Davies (University of Melbourne).

The Tiwi Islands have unique biodiversity values, including threatened endemic plant species, and appear to be a refuge for many threatened species that have declined on the mainland, such as the brush-tailed rabbit-rat, northern brush-tailed phascogale, Butler’s dunnart and eastern partridge pigeon.

This project developed in collaboration with the Tiwi Land Council, with the aim of supporting their land management decisions on the Tiwi Islands, north of Darwin in the NT, Australia. Our work includes species distribution modelling of mammal species, in particular threatened species, identifying areas of high conservation value, optimal monitoring, and monitoring trends in small mammals on the Islands.



Photo: Hugh Davies

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