Grant success: ARC Future Fellowship

emily nicholson

I am very fortunate and excited to have been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship, to begin in 2020. The work will extend out research on the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems into relationships with human well-being, and policies that address it, such as environmental economic accounting.  IMG_8794

This project aims to provide theory and practical guidelines to integrate ecosystem science into policy and action to address human well-being. Ecosystem risk assessment provides critical information for conservation, and has compelling but unexplored relationships with human health and nature’s benefits to people.

The research will identify ecosystem measures that highlight areas of risk to human well-being as well as biodiversity. Expected outcomes include new standards for including ecosystem change in policy frameworks globally and in Australia, such as natural capital accounting and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Benefits include improved ways of meeting and tracking progress on Australia’s international commitments.

Project objectives…

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