New paper: Ecosystem indices to support global biodiversity conservation

Check out this blog from lab member Jess Rowland about her latest paper.

Jessica Rowland

Paper authors: Jessica Rowland, Lucie Bland, David Keith, Diego Juffe Bignoli, Mark Burgman, Andres Etter, Jose-Rafael Ferrer-Paris, Rebecca Miller and Emily Nicholson.

Citation:  Rowland, J. A.,Bland, L. M., Keith, D. A., Bignoli, D. J., Burgman, M., Etter, A., Ferrer-Paris, J. R., Miller, R. M. and Nicholson, E. 2019 Ecosystem indices to support global biodiversity conservation. Conservation Letters.Link to pdf

Stopping declines and restoringnature is a fundamental goal of global biodiversity agreements, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Biodiversity indicators measure our progress in achieving these targets, show impacts of policies, and guide management actions.

While current indicators monitor changes to species, available ecosystem indicators do not capture the diversity of the world’s ecosystems.Sustaining ecosystems is key to a healthy planet – it is vital forsafeguarding biodiversity and the natural capital and ecosystem services that people rely on. Indicators capturing changes in ecosystem risk, size and health are needed…

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