Hui Xiao joins the Conservation Science Lab

I have just joined the Conservation Science group at the Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University in Melbourne as Postdoctoral Research Fellow . I obtained my PhD in ecological modelling at the University of Queensland, and work at the interface of statistics, econometrics, and conservation science.

Hui Xiao

My previous work focuses on combining network theory and stochastic dynamic programming into optimal ecosystem management, with specific focus on ecosystem dynamics and management under uncertainty. My current projects involve ecosystem assessments under system dynamics, ecosystem accounting, and how risks to ecosystem could be related to risks of human well-being. I’m hoping to use my expertise on statistics, econometrics, and ecological modelling to provide better knowledge on the importance of ecosystems worldwide.

Blog Author: Hui Xiao


You can read see some of Hui’s work on her google scholar page, or on our publications page.