Masters paper on bumblebee vulnerability to climate change

Calvin Lee

The work I did during my Masters at University College London was recently published and this is a brief summary of the paper. You can read the full paper here.

Climate change is causing substantial ecological impacts across the planet. In our study, published in Frontiers of Biogeography, we studied two groups of bumblebees living in two particularly vulnerable regions: the Arctic and Alpine regions. These two regions represent climate extremes which are most likely be lost under rising temperatures.

We used an ensemble of species distribution models to estimate current distributions of 18 different bumblebee species. We then predicted potential future distributions under two different climate scenarios to understand the impacts of climate change to these bumblebees, and to investigate which species may be more vulnerable to climate change.

Two of the species we included within our study, Alpinobombus alpinus and Alpinobombus pyrrhopygus (from

We found…

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